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Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

The Asphalt plants or Asphalt Mixing Plant is one plant that is used for mixing the dry warm aggregate, padding and Asphalt for homogeneous mixture at the required temperature.




Universal Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plants made at Universal Engineers are perfect for Asphalt manufacturing through batch mixing process. All our asphalt mixing plants pass through various quality checking process by the team of experts to deliver performance. Our batching plants are capable to serve the perfect need of our clients world wide.

Some Key benefits of our Asphalt Plant:

Perfect Design
Rugged and Strong Construction
Excellent finish
Flawless Functionality
Good Operating Cost.
Moderate Cost of Spare Parts.
Easy to use Control Panel.

Key Features Of Universal Asphalt Batch Mix Plant:

  • Screen Bypass Duct  (Optional)

Screen Is Bottleneck Of Batch Mix Plan. You Can Run Plant Without Screening Material. All Material Collected In First Bin. Material Proportion Set By Ac Drive Of Aggregate Bin Feeder.

  • Recycle Asphalt Adding Provision. (Optional)

         With Screen Bypass Your Plant Also Handle Rap Upto 20%. Rap Is Add To Hot Elevator Where It Is Heated By Superheated Virgin Aggregates By Conduction.

  • Duel Fuel Burner

         Universal Modulating Burner Can Run By Ldo As Well As Furnace Oil. There Is Heating Arrangement In Fo Tank. Fo Tank Is Heated By Thermic Oil Heater.

  • Pug Mill Mixture

         Universal Has Adopted International Design Of Twin Shaft Pug Mill Mixture. Mixture Is Equipped With Italian Make Rossi Planetary Twin Gear Box And Run By Vee Belt Drive Which Can Slip In Over Load Condition And Protect From Any Damage. Both Gear Box Are Synchronized By Servo Inset Coupling.

  •  Skid Mounted Mixing Tower

Universal Mixing Tower Is Equipped With Sturdy Skid Which Saves Costly Rcc Work. Tower Is Rest On Pcc Work Only.

  •   Bigger Hot Bin

         New Design Of Hot Bin Increase 10% Storage Capacity And Extra Wide Gate Ensure Free Fall Of Aggregates Which Will Reduce Batch Time. Gate Cylinder Are In Open Atmosphere. No Possibility Of Damaging Pneumatic Cylinder Seal Kit.

  •    Hot Bin Cylinder

         Gate Cylinder Are In Open Atmosphere. Piston Rods Are Not Subjected To High Temperature. No Possibility Of Damaging Pneumatic Cylinder Seal Kit. Cylinders Are Fitted With Cone Clamping Device With Radial Gate Arm.

We, Universal Engineers, based at Ahmedabad, India are known for manufacturing quality road construction equipments since decades. With upgraded technology and research, we can provide asphalt plants in different size and configuration as per the client’s need.

Detailed Description of Universal Asphalt Batch Mix Plant:

Stationary, Batch Type, Fully Automatic Asphalt Mixing Plant – Model BMP 1500

Plant Perfromance:

120 Ton Per Hour – 1500 Kg Batch With 80 Cycles Per Hour. The Capacity Is Based On Mean Density Of 1600 Kg/M3 And Hot Mix Temperature Of 150o C At Mixer Outlet.

When Density Is Less Or Hot Mix Temperature Requirement Is High Or Moisture Content Is High, The Production Capacity Drops Proportionately. The Rated Capacity Is Based On Moisture Content Of 3%.

Aggregate Should Be Clean And Should Not Be Covered With Dirt. Aggregate Shall Not Contain Oversized Material, Which May Block The Feeding Path.

Plant Operation: Fully Automatic Electro-Pneumatic Operation With Manual Over Ride Controls.

Unit No. 1 : Two Stage Dry Dust Collection System. (Bag House Filter Unit)

1.1  Primary Dust Collecting Unit.

 Cascade Type Pre-Separator Is Provided To Entrap Larger Dust Particle From The Dryer Drum Exhaust And For   Scavenging For The Batching Tower. Reclaimed Dust Recycling Conveying System Comprising Of A Material Seal Damper At The Bottom Of The Cyclones, Feeding The Reclaimed Dust At The Foot Of The Hot Elevator.

1.2  Bag House Filter Unit

The Two Stage Dry Dust Collection System Has A Bag House Filter With Around 380 M2 Of Filtering Area. The 288 Nos. Of Bags In Nomex Filtering Media, Operating On The Latest Low Maintenance, High Efficiency Reverse Air Flow Type De-Dusting Mechanism. Safety Interlocks (Eg High Exhaust Temperature Etc. ) And Controls To  Ensure The Safe Functioning Of The Unit.

Fully Automatic De-Dusting System Incorporating Two Nos. Of Dedusting Devices, Ensuring Freedom From Maintaining Air Compressors, Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic Controls Etc.

Type Reverse Air Flow Type Bag Filter
Number Of Bags 288
Filter Area 380 M2 (Approx).
Bag Material “Meta Aramid” Felt
Normal Temperature Limit 180° C
Dust Emission 0.15 G/M3 (Normal)

Unit No. 2 : Batching Tower 

2.1  Hot Elevator

 Totally Enclosed, Vertically Mounted, Centrifugal Discharge Type Bucket Elevator. The 160 Tph Hot Elevator Is Powered By An 11 Kw, 4 Pole Motor And Is Supplied Complete With Wear Plates, Electrical / Mechanical Drives And Wiring. The Hot Elevator Is Provided With A Roll Back Arresting Device.

Type Centrifugal Discharge Type Bucket Elevator.
Capacity 160 T/H
Connected Power 11  Kw X 4 P X 1/20

2.2  Vibrating Screen

 Completely Enclosed Four Deck Vibrating Screen (1200mm Wide X 3600mm Long), Sieves Four Different  Aggregate Sizes. The Inclined Circulating, Vibrating Type Screen Is Provided With Duplex Spring Absorbers, And Is Powered By Two No 4 Kw Four-Pole Maintenance Free Vibro Motor. The Inclined Linear Motion Vibrating Screen Minimizes Clogging Of Screen Sieves Compared With Low Head Circular Motion Screens.

Supplied Along With One Set Of Sieves With The Following Sieve Sizes:-

3 X 4 Mm, 7 X 7 Mm, 16 X 16 Mm, 24 X 24 Mm Fitted With The Screen.

The Lower Two Deck Sieves Are Hooked At Longitudinal Ends Avoiding The Need To Remove Upper Deck Sieves When Replacement Of Sieves Is Necessary. Wide Platform Around Screen For Easy And Safe Exchange Or Adjustment Of Screen Sieves And Maintenance.

Type 4 Decks, Inclined Circular Vibration Type
Capacity 160 T/H
Width X Length 1,200 Mm X 3,600 Mm
Motor 4 Kw X 2 No X 4 P

2.3  Hot Aggregates Bin 

Four Compartment Hot Aggregates Bin With 13 M3 Storage Capacity, Over Flow And Over Size Rejection Chute, Bin Level Indicators, Pneumatic Controlled Cut Off Gates And A Sampling Device On Each Compartment.

Temperature Measuring Probe On Bin No.1.

Capacity 13.0 M3, Total
Bin 1 5.4 M3
Bin 2 2.4 M3
Bin 3 2.5 M3
Bin 4 2.8 M3
Sampling Of Aggregate By Sampling Tray, Under The Hot Bin Gates
Level Indicator One Point Bin Level Indicator In Each Compartment.
Temp. Indicator Thermocouple Type Temperature Sensor In Bin No.1

2.4   Weighing System

 Automatic Accumulating, Weighing Type Aggregate Weigh Hopper, With Four Point Suspension Hopper And Load Cell Transducer. Automatic Individual Weighing Type Asphalt And Filler Weigh Hopper With Four Points  Suspension Hopper And Load Cell Transducer. All Weighing Hoppers Are Fitted With Proper Shock Isolation Device.

Aggregate Weigh Hopper, Capacity 1500 Kg (1.8 M3), Filler Weigh Hopper, Capacity 300 Kg (0.4m3) And Asphalt Weigh Hopper, Capacity 225 Kg. (0.3m3)

2.4.1   Aggregate Weigh Hopper 

Type Individual  Weighing Type With Load Cell Transducer
Capacity 1500 Kg
Scale Hopper Capacity 1.8 M3

2.4.2   Filler Weigh Hopper 

Type Individual Weighing Type With Load Cell Transducer
Capacity 300 Kg
Scale Hopper Capacity 0.4 M3

 2.4.3   Asphalt Weigh Hopper

Type Individual Weighing Type With Load Cell Transducer
Capacity 225 Kg
Scale Hopper Capacity 0.3m3

2.5   Pug Mill Type Mixer Unit. 

Twin Shaft, 1500 Kg Mixing Capacity, Jacketed Pug Mill With Welded Steel Shell, Lined With Replaceable Wear Resistant Liners. Provided With A Wide Opening Radial Gate For Quick Discharge Of Hot Mix. Specially Designed Arms And Tips Ensure  A Very Homogeneous Mix In A Short Mixing Time. 18.5×2 Kw, Four-Pole Motor Mixer Drive, With Vee Belt Arrangement.

Type Twin Shaft Jacketed Pug Mill
Capacity 1500 Kg / Batch
Connected Power 18.5×2 Kw X 4 P X 1/20
Connected Power 37 Kw X 4 P X 1/20
Dimension 2260 X 1170 X 1270 Mm
Drive Belt Drive
Discharge Gate Air Operated Radial Type Gate
Truck Clearance 3,650 Mm High X 3,000 Mm Wide

(Including 500 Mm High Foundation)

Unit No. 3 : Asphalt Pumps

3.1  Asphalt Transfer Pump.

 A 5.5 Kw, 450 Lpm, Jacketed, Gear Type Asphalt Transfer Pump Is Provided For Feeding Asphalt From The Storage Tank To The Asphalt Weigh Hopper.

Type Hot Oil Jacketed Gear Pump
Pressure 2kgf/Cm2
Capacity 450 L/Min
Motor 5.5 Kw X 4t

3.2  Asphalt Spraying System. 

A Bitumen Weighing Hopper Is At The Bottom Hot Oil Heatedand Mounted Onto Three Electronic Load Cells. Via Heated, Well Dimensioned Feeding Pipe, Bitumen Gets Distributed Via Gravity Into Mixer Within Seconds. Herewith Homogeneous Distribution In Mixer Is Guaranteed.

Type Gravity Spray Distribution
Pressure Gravity
Capacity 225 Ltr
Motor Na

Unit No. 4 : Bitumen Storage And Heating System

2 Nos. Cylindrical, Horizontal Asphalt Storage Tank, Capacity 30 000 Ltrs. Each. Fully Insulated And Cladded With Internal Heat Transfer Coils And Temperature Indicator. Thermic Oil Heating System With Fully Automatic Light Oil Burner, Hot Oil Transfer Pump, Necessary Controls And Safety Interlocks.

Total Hot Oil Transfer Piping With Necessary Control Valves. Bitumen Jacketed Piping With Process Valves And Fittings For Manual Tank Selection And Single Bitumen Delivery Pipeline.

Type Normal Pressure, Oil Heating Horizontal Tubular Boiler
Capacity 500,000 Kcal/H, Input
Fuel High Speed Diesel Fuel
Burner Make – Reilo (Italy) Or Equivalent Imported
Type High Pressure Mechanical Atomising, Gun Type Oil Burner
Capacity 10 To 50 L/H
Control Automatic Ignition, High-Low Control
Safety Controls Flame Eye, Low Level Cut-Out Float Switch, Pressure Switch, High

Temperature Cut-Out Thermostat.

Connected Power 0.4 Kw X 2p
Circulating Pump
Type Centrifugal Pump
Capacity 20 M3 / Hour
Head 20 M
Connected Power 3.7 Kw

Unit No 5 : Control Cabin 

5.1  Operator’s Control Cabin. 

  • 2000 Mm Wide X 4000 Mm Long, Fully Air Conditioned Operator’s Control Cabin Complete With Weather Proof Exterior And Fitted With Tinted Toughened Glass Windows And Flush Entrance Door With Lock.
  •  Interconnecting Wiring (Related To All The Above Sections) Designed To Suit The Positioning Of The Unit Within 10 M Radius Of The Mixing Unit.

 5.2  Electrical Power Control Console 

  • Complete Motor Control Console For Direct Online Starting And For Star Delta Starting On Necessary Devices.

5.3  Distribution Switch Board

  • Completely Enclosed Steel Cubicle With Push Buttons Starting Of Motors On Star Delta Starters.
  • Magnetic Switches With Overload Thermal Relay For Each Individual Motor.
  • Safety Interlocks And Protection Devices.
  • Meters For Online Current Voltage Measurements For High Capacity Motors.
  • Emergency Stop Button.
  • Short Circuit Protection With Switch Fuse Unit.
  • Inverter Drives For Control Of Cold Aggregates Bin Feeders.

 5.4  Temperature Indication.

0 -300 Deg C, Electronic Multi Point Scanner For

Measuring: – Aggregates Temperature Measuring In Hot Bin No. 1.Asphalt Feeding Temperature. Bag Filter Inlet Gas Temperature. Bitumen Tank Temperature. (Tank # – 1 & 2)

 5.5  Sequence Control Panel

  • Programmable Logic Control (Plc) With Man Machine Interface.
  • Fully Automatic Electronic Solid State Sequence Control.
  • Operator Override For Manual Or Semi Automatic Control.
  • Timer Controls For Both Wet And Dry Cycle.
  • Pilot Lamps For Indication Of Sequence Currently Operated.
  • Signals And Alarms.
  • Storage Of Fifty Different Type Of Mix Proportions.
  • Automatic Free-Fall Compensation.
  • Direct Dialling Of Mix Design By Percentage.
  • Present Batch Counter Controls The Number Of Batches For A Truck-Full Load.
  • Provision For Printing Operating Data On A Day To Day Basis, Like – Mix Proportions,

Batch Weight,Total No. Of Batches, Sub Total, Gross Total Etc.

 5.6  Dryer & Burner Control.

  • Hot Aggregates Temperature At Dryer Discharge End.
  • Remote Burner Flame Synchronization With Hot Aggregates Temperature.
  • Safety Interlock, In Case Of High Temperature.

Additional information

Dimensions 15 x 15 x 5 cm